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Academic Pages


Academic Pages is a Github Pages template for academic websites.

Getting Started

  1. Register a GitHub account if you don't have one and confirm your e-mail (required!)
  2. Click the "Use this template" button in the top right.
  3. On the "New repository" page, enter your repository name as "[your GitHub username]", which will also be your website's URL.
  4. Set site-wide configuration and add your content.
  5. Upload any files (like PDFs, .zip files, etc.) to the files/ directory. They will appear at https://[your GitHub username]
  6. Check status by going to the repository settings, in the "GitHub pages" section
  7. (Optional) Use the Jupyter notebooks or python scripts in the markdown_generator folder to generate markdown files for publications and talks from a TSV file.

See more info at

Running Locally

When you are initially working your website, it is very useful to be able to preview the changes locally before pushing them to GitHub. To work locally you will need to:

  1. Clone the repository and made updates as detailed above.

  2. Make sure you have ruby-dev, bundler, and nodejs installed

    On most Linux distribution and Windows Subsystem Linux the command is:

    sudo apt install ruby-dev ruby-bundler nodejs

    On MacOS the commands are:

    brew install ruby
    brew install node
    gem install bundler
  3. Run bundle install to install ruby dependencies. If you get errors, delete Gemfile.lock and try again.

  4. Run jekyll serve -l -H localhost to generate the HTML and serve it from localhost:4000 the local server will automatically rebuild and refresh the pages on change.

If you are running on Linux it may be necessary to install some additional dependencies prior to being able to run locally: sudo apt install build-essential gcc make


Bug reports and feature requests to the template should be submitted via GitHub. For questions concerning how to style the template, please feel free to start a new discussion on GitHub.

This repository was forked (then detached) by Stuart Geiger from the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme, which is © 2016 Michael Rose and released under the MIT License (see It is currently being maintained by Robert Zupko and additional maintainers would be welcomed.

Bugfixes and enhancements

If you have bugfixes and enhancements that you would like to submit as a pull request, you will need to fork this repository as opposed to using it as a template. This will also allow you to synchronize your copy of template to your fork as well.

Unfortunately, one logistical issue with a template theme like Academic Pages that makes it a little tricky to get bug fixes and updates to the core theme. If you use this template and customize it, you will probably get merge conflicts if you attempt to synchronize. If you want to save your various .yml configuration files and markdown files, you can delete the repository and fork it again. Or you can manually patch.