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# General CMake options
# Valid build types are: Release (default), None, Debug, NoExternalLibs,
# RelWithDebInfo, MinSizeRel
set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "Release" CACHE STRING "Default build type")
set(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS ON CACHE INTERNAL "Build shared libraries")
# set(CMAKE_C_COMPILER "<c-compiler>" CACHE STRING "C compiler")
# set(CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER "<c++-compiler>" CACHE STRING "C++ compiler")
# acados specific options
set(ACADOS_INSTALL_DIR "$ENV{HOME}/local" CACHE PATH "acados installation folder")
set(SWIG_PYTHON ON CACHE BOOL "Build the Python interface")
set(SWIG_MATLAB OFF CACHE BOOL "Build the MATLAB interface")
set(UNIT_TESTS OFF CACHE BOOL "Build and make target for unit tests")