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  • propagate cost in integrator
  • restore download and compilation of OOQP
  • split ocp solve into prepare and feedback


  • provide OCP NLP formulation that is handled by ocp_nlp as a formula in docs
    • closely stick to setter names!
  • Set up and document binary workflow
    • Windows Matlab
    • MacOS Matlab

matlab interface

  • code generation workflow! # Mex templating
      1. nonlinear least-squares
      1. Vz (already implemented?)
      1. exact Hessian
      1. external cost
      1. GNSF
      1. discrete dynamics
  • separate acados_ocp() into generating the C object and setting the numerical data
  • support nonuniform grids
  • OCP with DAEs


  • cmake: add openmp parallelization


  • remove duplicated code to generate external functions
  • add documentation
    • how to set up trenderer
    • ...
  • explore possibility to interact with generated C code
  • set up CI tests - matlab needed..
  • add GNSF
  • make compatible with octave (if possible) - jsonencode alternative?!


  • Gauss-Newton SQP
  • exact Hessian SQP
  • partial tightening
  • blockSQP
  • RTI implementation similar to ACADO


  • qpOASES v3.1
  • OOQP
  • qpDUNES
  • OSQP


  • explicit Runge-Kutta
  • lifted IRK
  • collocation integrators GL
  • collocation integrators Radau
  • GNSF Hessians
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