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VERSION: 1.0.8
Release notes 1.0.8 (TBA)
Release notes 1.0.7 (10th September, 2010)
- Grails upgrade to 1.3.4 (Had to comment out captcha config to allow upgrade script to complete).
- Switch to jQuery.
- Package re-name.
- Loader icon re-name.
- BuildConfig.groovy introduction.
- Message i18n key updates.
Release notes 1.0.6
- Grails upgrade to 1.3.1 (Had to comment out captcha config to allow upgrade script to complete).
- Trunk clean up.
- Scripts clean up.
Release notes 1.0.5
- Grails upgrade to 1.2.2.
- Introduced missing index.gsp file.
Release notes 1.0.4
- Update render pattern has used in latest remote-forms skin (1.0.5).
Release notes 1.0.3
- Fix for unit test compilation error.
Release notes 1.0.2
- Resource look up fix to allow remote-forms theme to be loaded properly
- Clean up of additional resources provided by grails 1.2.x upgrade
- Small tweak to default <h1>
- Update JCaptcha dependency to 1.2.1
Release notes 1.0.1
- Additional documentation
- Example config file
Release notes 1.0.0
- Complete set of unit tests
- Small tweaks
Release notes 0.0.5
- Updates to the documentation.
- Introduction of unit tests.
- Removal of redundant templates.
- JCaptcha dependency update.
- Config comment improvements.
Release notes 0.0.4
- Updates to the remote-forms skin and improvements to the index.gsp
Release notes 0.0.3
- Further small tweaks.
Release notes 0.0.2:
- Fixed small typo within the load skin script.
Initial release: 0.0.1
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