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VERSION: 0.6.7
Known issues:
- Poor code coverage of the PicasaService.
- Poor code coverage of controllers and domain classes.
Potential improvements:
- Tag library split.
- Package rename for controllers, services and domains.
- Option for Grid Listing.
- Wiki details on how to make best use of UI.
- Wiki API reference.
- Update to Maven and new GData API client jars.
Release notes 0.6.7 (TBA)
- Update to OAuth plug-in 0.10.
- Small fix to the getAlbum method on the PicasaService.
Release notes 0.6.6 (20th August, 2010)
- Unit tests for the PicasaCommentService.
- Update album and photo listing to support grid listing.
- CSS updates to support grid listing.
Release notes 0.6.5 (14th August, 2010)
- Ajax loading fix for use with jQuery.
- Unit testing for the PicasaUpdateService.
Release notes 0.6.4 (12th August, 2010)
- Update to Grails 1.3.4.
- Introduction to the Spring events plug-in.
- Introduction to the PicasaUpdateService.
- Introduction to the PicasaUpdateEvent.
- Ability to asynchronously update cache with photo details through the Spring events plug-in.
- Introduction of configuration for the background photo updates.
- Small fix to the OAuth login button.
- Introduction to the backgroundRetrieveLimit configuration option.
Release notes 0.6.3 (5th August, 2010)
- Introduction of Google Map to display photo location.
- Introduction of jQuery as prefered JS library.
- CSS file updates.
- Introduction of the PicasaTagLibrary.
- Introduction of unit testing for the PicasaTagLibrary.
- Port Google Map tiles to PicasaTagLibrary.
- README update to reflect new Google Maps config.
- View photo comment RSS / XML / JSON links fix.
Release notes 0.6.2 (31st July, 2010)
- Improved error logging and parameter handling.
- Comment Controller unit testing.
- Comment listing fix.
- Plug-in package rename.
- Update to Mockito 1.8.5.
- Attempt to make more use of the Grails test framework with mockFor().
- Removal of PicasaService and PicasaCommentService interfaces.
Release notes 0.6.1 (18th July, 2010)
- Update to OAuth plug-in 0.6.
- Introduction of the SessionLifecycleListener to monitor sessions.
- Introduction of the SessionLifecycle interface.
- Introduction of the SessionMonitor, default implementation of the SessionLifecycle.
- Update session monitor to maintain list of sessions.
- Add onConfigChange update for PicasaCommentService for each registered session.
Release notes 0.6.0 (17th July, 2010)
- Grails update to 1.3.3.
- Comment listing by default shows last page.
- Separate comment posting to separate service to allow main service to be stateless.
- Better error reporting from the Photo and Comment controllers.
- Introduction of the PicasaCommentService and PicasaCommentServiceException.
- Introduction of the ServiceCache and PicasaServiceCache.
- Introduction of the PicasaQuery enum.
- Extended packaging of the src/groovy dir.
- Exported convert methods to utility class.
- Config change now updates PicasaService properties at runtime.
- PicasaService refactoring, including rename of listAlbums to listAllAlbums.
Release notes 0.5.0 (5th July, 2010)
- Grails update to 1.3.2.
- Introduction of dependency on OAuth plug-in version 0.4.
- Controller "elvis" clean up.
- Domain class comment clean up.
- Introduction of most recent comment listing.
- Footer output update.
- URL mappings update to provide feeds for comment listing.
- README update to detail new URL mappings.
- Small CSS tweaks.
- Rename of CSS file to grails-picasa.
- Removal of RCU from controllers.
- Comment views refactor.
- Update PicasaService to non transactional.
- Ability to post a photo comment through OAuth.
- Tags now contain "weight" property.
- Ajax improvements for the post comment UI.
- URL mappings update.
Release notes 0.4.5 (1st June, 2010)
- Further PicasaService code coverage.
- Small controller tweaks.
- Album controller JSON / XML feed fix.
- Updated list sortable columns to support ajax requests.
Release notes 0.4.4 (28th May, 2010)
- Update to Grails 1.3.1.
- Further PicasaService code coverage.
- Fix for defect GRAILSPLUGINS-2220.
Release notes 0.4.3 (16th May, 2010)
- Change PicasaService scope to "session".
Release notes 0.4.2 (16th May, 2010)
- Pagination float fix.
- Fixed tag listing defect.
- Introduction of RSS feed for tag listing.
- Small CSS tweaks.
Release notes 0.4.1 (13th May, 2010)
- Update to Grails 1.3.0.
- Introduction of new config property rssManagingEditor.
- Photo RSS now builds a valid W3C feed, including RFC 882 and 3339 dates.
- README update.
- Move TextTagLibTests into package.
Release notes 0.4.0 (9th May, 2010)
- Update all controller index methods to point to the album controller's index.
- Introduction of new configuration property to allow control of the tag cache.
- Introduction of PicasaService unit tests.
- Pagination of the photo comments.
- Introduction of new comment pagination configuration.
- Small PicasaService bug fixes and improvements.
- README updates.
- Message property updates.
- Introduction of RSS feed for photo listing.
- Update photo listing to include feed links.
Release notes 0.3.0 (24th April, 2010)
- Introduction of the "showPrivateAlbums" and "showPrivatePhotos" config options.
- Update PicasaService to include the ability to configure whether to include private photos and albums.
- README updates.
- Fixed small bug in the album show view.
Release notes 0.2.0 (21st April, 2010)
- Small fix to remove tag list div when there are no tags to display.
- Removal of dependency on Spring Security.
- Introduction of the Comment domain class.
- Introduction of the Person domain class.
- Inserted comments into the show photo views.
- Added person to comments.
- Small comment / person bug fixes to the PicasaService.
- Grails upgrade to 1.2.2.
- Changes tags and comment properties to lists to allow predictable ordering.
Release notes 0.1.0 (10th April, 2010)
- README update.
- Insert next/previous ID check into the photo show views.
- Introduction of tags into domain objects from photo result sets.
- Introduction of tag listing into list views.
- PicasaService updates to support tag queries and searches.
- Initial support for the tag controller.
- Introduction of new configuration properties.
- Initial support for the tag listing and show views.
Release notes 0.0.3
- README update.
- Introduction of new connect() method allowing the Picasa web service connection to be reset during runtime.
- Introduction of new reset() method allowing the Picasa web service to revert back to the default Config.groovy connection details during runtime.
Release notes 0.0.2
- Introduction of further documentation (README / CHANGES)
- Internationalised the Photo and Album views
- Small tweak to the Picasa Service and Album / Photo controllers
Initial release: 0.0.1
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