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Picasa plug-in for Grails
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Copyright 2010 Anthony Campbell

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
software distributed under the License is distributed on an
either express or implied. See the License for the specific
language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Grails Picasa Plug-in

A simple plug-in which provides a photo gallery driven through a
Google Picasa Web Album account. Ajax forms provided by the
"remote-forms" skin available through the skin-loader plug-in.

If you find any issues, please submit a bug on JIRA:

Please look at the CHANGES file to see what has changed since the
last official release.

Upgrading from an earlier release
There shouldn't be any issues upgrading from an earlier release.

To install the plug-in from the repository enter the following

	grails install-plugin picasa

Once installed your new picasa gallery will be available at the
following URL:


The Picasa photo gallery implements a RESTful style URL which is
not configured by default in the downloaded binary. Therefore,
you must update your grails-app/conf/UrlMappings.groovy file to
include the following mapping block:

    "/album/list/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "album"
        action = "list"

    "/photo/list/$albumId" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "list"

    "/photo/list/$albumId/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "list"

    "/photo/ajaxList/$albumId" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "ajaxList"

    "/photo/ajaxList/$albumId/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "ajaxList"

    "/photo/show/$albumId/$photoId" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "show"

    "/photo/ajaxShow/$albumId/$photoId" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "ajaxShow"

    "/photo/comments/$albumId/$photoId" {
        controller = "photo"
        action = "comments"

    "/tag/show/$id/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "tag"
        action = "show"

    "/tag/list/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "tag"
        action = "list"

    "/comment/list/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "comment"
        action = "list"

    "/comment/ajaxList/feed/$feed" {
        controller = "comment"
        action = "ajaxList"

The next step is to provide the Picasa plug-in your Google
Picasa web album account details, and the Google Picasa OAuth
URLs. These details should be inserted into the
grails-app/conf/Config.groovy file. The following shows an
example Picasa configuration block:

    picasa {
        // Required
        username = ""
        password = "password"
        imgmax = 800
        thumbsize = 72
        maxResults = 500

        // Optional
        max = 10
        maxSteps = 5
        maxKeywords = 100
        maxComments = 10
        maxCommentSteps = 5
        showPrivateAlbums = false
        showPrivatePhotos = false
        useTagCache = false
        allowComments = true
        useGridListing = false

        // Feeds
        rssManagingEditor = "Joe Bloggs"

    oauth {
        picasa {
            requestTokenUrl = ""
            accessTokenUrl = ""
            authUrl = ""
            scope = ""
            consumer.key = "anonymous"
            consumer.secret = "anonymous"
            signed = true

Configuration properties:

    * username - Your Google Picasa web album username.
    * password - Your Google Picasa web album password.
    * imgmax - The maximum width of each photo viewed through
            the photo controller.
    * thumbsize - The maximum width of each album's and photo's
    * maxResults - The maximum number of results to be returned
            when performing queries. This is used when making
            requests through the tag controller.
    * max - The maximum number of listing displayed per page.
    * maxSteps - The maximum number of steps displayed in the
            pagination block.
    * maxKeywords - The maximum number of keywords displayed in
            the tag listing result set.
    * maxComments - The maximum number of comments displayed in
            the show photo view.
    * maxCommentSteps - The maximum number of steps displayed in the
            comment pagination block.
    * showPrivateAlbums - Whether to include private albums in all
            album requests.
    * showPrivatePhotos - Whether to include private photos in all
            photo requests.
    * allowComments - Allow users to post photo comments.
    * allowCache - Stores locally the responses returned from the Google
            Picasa web service. Reduces web service calls to the Google
            GData API and increases performance.
    * cacheTimeout - How long the cache is valid before being purged.
    * useGridListing - By default, display albums and photos using a
            grid layout.
    * rssManagingEditor = Name of author managing the RSS feed.

Note: The properties imgmax and thumbsize are subject to a
valid set of values detailed by the API's reference guide.

Further documentation:
The picasa plug-in is driven through the Google Picasa Web
Album API. For additional configuration and feature information
please refer to the following documentation:

For further information regarding OAuth please refer to the
following documentation:

For further information regarding URL mapping please refer to the
following documentation:

If you wish to contribute to the project you can find the
latest source code on GitHub:
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