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View public profile

In START > Profiles > Another user's profile you can enter the @nickname of a user whose public profile you want to see. You can also reach this option by clicking on the photo of any user.

The public profile of a user consists of three parts:

  • Basic public profile:
    • A summary of the user record card including his/her photograph
  • Extended public profile:
    • Some figures of use of the platform by the user
    • Number of users followed by the user (Following) and number of users who follow him/her (Followers). Clicking on Following or Followers you can see the respective users
  • User's timeline

Each of these three parts will be displayed or not depending on the level of privacy chosen by the user in PROFILE > Settings > Privacy. There are four privacy options, although not all are available for each of the three parts of the public profile:

  • User: visible for him/her and his/her teachers / his/her students
  • Course: visible for users with whom he/she shares courses
  • System: visible for any logged user
  • World: visible worldwide

Follow users

To follow a particular user you have to access to his/her public profile by clicking on his/her photo or writing his/her @nickname in START > Profiles > Another user's profile. Once the user's public profile has been displayed, just click on the icon Follow (user with a + sign).

Who to follow

In START > Profiles > Who to follow the platform suggests 9 random users to follow, chosen from:

  • Likely known users (9*2/3 = 6 users):
    • Users followed by your followed users, not yet followed by you.
    • Users who share any course with you, not yet followed by you.
    • Users who share any course with you with another role, not yet followed by you.
  • Likely unknown users (9*1/3 = 3 users):
    • Random users not yet followed by you.

You can update the list of users to follow by clicking the Update icon in the upper left corner of the box. To follow a user you can click on the Follow icon (a user with a plus symbol) placed next to the user or in the upper left corner of the record card of his/her public profile.

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