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Acani Chats

Open-Source Native iOS Messages App

iPhone Client Screenshots

Acani Chats is an instant messaging social application. Use it as an example for building an app that requires user accounts, profiles, messaging, etc.

Instructions for Running the iPhone app on OS X

  1. Download & install the latest version of Xcode from the App Store

  2. Clone this project and its submodules with git clone --recursive

  3. Open Clients/iPhone/Chats.xcodeproj and press Command-R to run the app

Note: User data (e.g., first & last names, email address, etc.) are sent over SSL to Heroku, stored with PostgreSQL, and may be deleted at anytime for any reason.

For more information, check out the wiki.


This project, including its components and excluding works credited, is released under the Unlicense.