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The Book of OpenLayers3 (Code samples)

This repository contains the project I used to create the code samples for The Book of OpenLayers3.


You see code running at github pages:

The Book of OpenLayers3

Working with the project

The project is based on Yeoman webapp generator with some custom modifications. To keep the code simple I have not made use of any framework (like AngularJs, Backbone or similar) neither used any template engine.

The main modification respect the Yeoman webapp generator is the addition of the grunt-includes plugin, which allows files inclusion and this way avoid repeating some pieces of code, like the header, the footer, etc on each example.

index.html and all the chapter*.html files must be edited withint the app_tpl folder (that acts as the original templates). The grunt includes tasks is responsible to compile the template files and generate the right html files in the app folder. Any other content, like images or data, must be edited directly in the app folder. The Gruntgile.json has modified so when you are developing (using the grunt serve task) or you create a distribution (with grunt build) the templates are automatically compiled and updated.

Creative Commons License
Code samples for The Book of OpenLayers3 by Antonio Santiago is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Code samples for The Book of OpenLayers3




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