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An implementation of ePaxos in Go. A research project by Alex Cappiello.

Current State

The core of the algorithm is mostly implemented, but it's a long way from being useful. I'm not actively working on this and might not get back to it.

Not Yet Implemented

Cleaning up old commands and replica recovery is not handled. Performance also needs a lot of help.


Instead of committing the generated marshal/unmarahal code, it is generated, cloning gobin-codegen if not present. These must be explicitly regenerated if the underlying code is changed. The stub generator doesn't import some things that need to be, so there are patches for that.

make marshal

The rest is straightforward:



Currently, one replica briefly acts as a master until initial connections are made (I'm considering just changing this to read a file of a list of hosts though). All other nodes are told to connect to this node on startup via CLI.

For example:

cd bin
./replica -p 5000
./replica -p 5001 -h localhost -np 5000
./replcia -p 5002 -h localhost -np 5000
./client -p 5000

External Libraries