GUI for SuperCollider Membrane Physical Model by Alex McLean. Membrane source available from (
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A SuperCollider GUI for a drum head (membrane) physical model by Alex McLean.



MembraneUGens, available as part of the sce-plugins or source code from Alex’s Homepage


Open Boom.scd

Load the SynthDef

Run the GUI and Synth Code

Mouse clicks trigger a hit

‘B’ key toggles sound on/off

There are 3 preset drum sounds (Kick, Snare, Timpani) and a user definable setting.

Faders are faintly visible in the circle, clicking on any of these will select that preset and set the loss and tension values to values that approximate the tension/loss of the area hit.

The user definable fader can be set with the controls in the lower left side of the GUI.

Reverb can be applied with the controls on the lower right hand side.