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Musical User Interfaces

Code for the prototypes in the set of essays Musical User Interfaces.

A Request

This is prototype code, it is not production code. If you like this project, please build on the ideas and not the code. The prototypes exists to test and help communicate the ideas, not as a technical foundation.

These projects were designed and built in 8 weeks, along with two other projects (Konnakkol and a loop pedal for Bela) while also writing a dissertation and trying to explore Los Angeles. Seriously, it's prototype code.

I am putting the code online because enough people asked for it, not because I want people to fork and use it.

While it may not serve as an example of how to code for well production, it may serve as example of how to code well when prototyping: optimising productivity, flexibility, getting things done... rather than performance, memory usage and code re-use.

Another request

Please build on these ideas! Whether you are a hobbyist of a serious commercial audio company, I invite you to use them in your projects. Credit and citations are a nice courtesy, and please drop me a line if you do make something

If you do happen to be from a serious commercial audio company and need some form of legal clearance then just e-mail me...


Opening the tiny window

Re-thinking how we should interact with audio fx plugins.

Opening the tiny window

Envelopes by example

Freeing envelopes from the tyranny of ADSR.

Envelopes by example

Delay without the delay

Programming delay effects by performing them.



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