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Jan Holmberg, <> :
o Memory framework
o HTTP/SSL checkers
Bradley Baetz, <> :
o MISC checker redesign
o Scheduler framework extension to support
child process handling.
o Daemon framework extension to block SIGCHLD
to only receive it when its unblocked in the
scheduling select loop.
Jeremy Rumpf, <> :
o Added SMTP checker
Chris Caputo, <> :
o Added dont_track_primary, nopreempt,
preempt_delay, and misc_dynamic.
Kevin Lindsay, <> :
o Fixed shadowed declaration reported by -Wshadow.
o Redesigned signal handling.
Nick Couchman, <nick.couchman at> :
o Patch for u_threshold and l_threshold support.
Willy Tarreau, <w at> :
o Extended VRRP framework to support floating