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Kernel needs
Compile a kernel with the following options :
Kernel/User netlink socket
Keepalived supports all LVS code.
Library dependencies
In order to compile Keepalived needs the following libraries :
* OpenSSL, <>
1. uncompress the tarball
2. cd into the directory
3. './configure'
4. 'make'
5. 'make install'. This will install keepalived on your system,
binaries and configuration file :
* keepalived : The keepalived daemon program.
* genhash : The MD5 url digest generator. You need it to
configure HTTP GET check and SSL GET check in
order to compute MD5SUM digest etalon.
* /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf
6. link keepalived.init into your runlevel directory. On Red Hat systems :
ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/keepalived.init /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S99keepalived
By default the configure script uses /usr/local as base directory. You can
change this value to your own by passing it the --prefix value.
eg: './configure --prefix=/usr/'
Modifying source code
If you modify the source code, especially or any
file, you will need to regenerate the build files. Keepalived uses automake
and so you will need to have automake and autoconf installed.
To regenerate the build environment, you will need to run the following
commands before following the instuctions under 'Installation' above:
1. 'aclocal'
2. 'autoheader'
3. 'automake --add-missing'
4. 'autoreconf'
If you are attempting to build keepalived after cloning and you don't have automake available,
you may find it useful first to run 'find . -exec touch -r configure {} +'.
Just take a look at the /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf file installed.
It will give you all the information needed. Alternativley, run
'man keepalived.conf' or look at doc/keepalived.conf.SYNOPSIS.
If you want more information about keepalived, please refer to the
keepalived homepage into the documentation section.
Have fun with it !
Alexandre, <>