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The JBotSim Library

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JBotSim is a simulation library for distributed algorithms in dynamic networks. The style of programming is mainly event-driven: your code can react to various events (pulse of a clock, appearance/disappearance of a link, arrival of a message, movement of the node, etc.). Node movements can be controlled by program (e.g. mobile robots or mobility models), or by means of mouse-based interactions during the execution. Beyond its features, the main asset of JBotSim is its simplicity of use.

For examples of code, refer to the src/examples directory (here), or to the example section of JBotSim's website.

Here is a basic HelloWorld with JBotSim:

import jbotsim.Topology;
import jbotsim.ui.JViewer;

public class HelloWorld{
    public static void main(String[] args){
        new JViewer (new Topology());