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Strategy Card Game AI Competition

The competition is no longer organized

Article about the SCGAI competition history:

Summarizing Strategy Card Game AI Competition

Jakub Kowalski, Radosław Miernik; IEEE Conference on Games, 2023 [cite]

We are organizing a new cardgame-related contest: Tales of Tribute AI Competition

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Getting Started

Partially deprecated - work in progress.

Online play

You can play LOCM 1.5 online, via the CodinGame IDE (click "PREVIEW" to run IDE and see game rules).

Source code can be written directly in IDE or you can use CG Sync to synchronize IDE code with your local file

Offline referee

To run the game engine locally you can use the referee1.5 jar. The most important options are:

  • -p1 <player1 command line> where you put command to run your local first player bot
  • -p2 <player2 command line> where you put command to run your local second player bot
  • -s (optional) to run server with visualization (at http://localhost:8888/test.html)

Thus, example usage is:

java -jar .\LoCM1.5.jar -p1 "python3 PlayerExample.py3" -p2 "python3 PlayerExample.py3" -s

Running the jar without any options will show the extended readme.

Example player algorithms can be found here. Source code of the referee is here.

Offline runner

To run multiple instances of the game you can use the nim-based runner documented here.

Added 1.5 jar to referee1.5-java, moved 1.2 jar from nim directory to java


Game manager and example bots for CEC 2019 & COG 2019 Strategy Card Game AI Competition








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