68a7041 Feb 20, 2018
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* Can now generate logs from git sub module directories.
* Fixed low mouse movement speed with some mice while repositioning camera.
* Added --screen option.
* Added --window-position XxY option.
* Added --frameless option.
* Added --file-show-filter REGEX option (swoogles).
* Added --filename-time and filename-colour options (gh2k).
* Improved handling of very low seconds-per-day values (malengrin).
* Fixed crash when SVN log lacks author information (obarthel).
* Additional git log command validation (cym13).
* Allow lower case hex colours in custom logs (HSorensen).
* Enabled STDOUT support with --output-stream '-' on Windows (circulosmeos).
* Now requires SDL 2 to build (deprecated SDL 1.2 support removed).
* Fixed crash when taking a screenshot with an odd resolution.
* Fixed type deduction compilation error with newer versions of GCC.
* Documentation improvements.
* Updated boost autoconf macros to fix multi-arch detection.
* Fixed bzr log command when no start date was specified (chrisf).
* Fixed hg log commit order when date range specified.
* Fixed hg log command line on Windows.
* Fixed parser bug in date range filtering code.
* Multi-monitor support using SDL 2.0 when available.
* SDL 1.2 support is deprecated.
* Full screen mode now uses desktop resolution by default.
* Added --start-date, --stop-date 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss' options.
* Added --dir-name-depth option.
* Changed --file-idle-time default value to 0.
* Changed screenshot format to PNG.
* Added caption support.
* Improved command line interoperability on Windows.
* Fixed directory deletion short circuiting processing the rest of a commit.
* Fixed issue loading non-ascii user image filenames on windows.
* Ignore UTF-8 byte order mark at the start of lines in custom log files.
* Fix to boost macros for Macs and non-GNU systems (mistydemeo).
* Autotools improvements (flameeyes).
* Fixed blurry non power of 2 logos.
* File colour changes now supported in custom logs (rmyorston).
* Fixed building against Boost 1.50 (svenstaro).
* Updated boost autoconf macros (flameeyes).
* Autogen script (matthiaskrgr).
* New high quality sprites.
* Fullscreen toggle with alt + enter.
* Window is now resizable. -WIDTHxHEIGHT! creates a non-resizable window.
* Lowered minimum zoom distance.
* Use AM_CPPFLAGS in to allow passing custom CPPFLAGS.
* Don't add files that match the path of a known directory.
* Fixed divide by zero in text shader causing artifacts on some video cards.
* Recursively search for repository directory when log-format not specified
(thanks to Jörg Bachmann for original concept / prototype).
* New dependency on Boost Filesystem.
* Doubled the maximum zoom out distance.
* Allow negative timestamps before 1970 in custom log (artzub).
* Fix for UTF8-CPP checked.h compilation issue (vszakats).
* Fixed bug causing missing characters in text.
* Fixed --highlight-users option not using highlight-colour.
* highlight-colour default changed to white.
* Added --selection-colour option (applied to selected users and files).
* Added --dir-colour option (applied to directories).
* Made SVN log GMT timestamp conversion fix portable.
* Fixed SVN log GMT timestamp conversion.
* Fixed issue with sub-dirs of deleted dir not being removed in some cases.
* Added long file extension truncation handling to file key (--key).
* Treat changes in Mercurial log files with the same time/user as one commit.
* Fixed handling of spaces in directory names with Mercurial.
* Fixed --font-colour option.
* Now using VBOs and shaders for faster rendering when OpenGL 2.0 is available.
* Eliminated bloom colour banding artifacts (requires OpenGL 2.0).
* New font rendering library derived from FTGL (FTGL no longer required).
* Single pass font/shadow rendering (with lots of help from Chris Forbes).
* Added --no-vsync option.
* Fixed bug where tree is out of alignment with object positions in windowed
mode due to using the wrong display dimensions internally.
* Removed default max-files limit.
* Added --hide root option to not draw branches from the root directory.
* Fixed log parsing of Bazaar merges and tagged commits.
* --output-custom-log now skips unparsed log entries instead of exiting.
* Fixed behaviour of user camera tracking.
* Added --with-tinyxml option to configure (use the system TinyXML library).
* Fixed crash when SVN log entry contains no 'paths' element.
* Handle directory deletion (happens in SVN logs).
* SVN built-in support.
* cvs2cl log support (cvs-exp support is now deprecated).
* Made camera behaviour when zooming and selecting objects more intuitive.
* Improved interactive performance.
* Added file extension key (--key or toggled with 'K').
* Added mouse-over tool tips.
* Added --highlight-colour option.
* Added --hash-seed option. The S key now randomizes colours.
* Added --output-custom-log option.
* Exposed --time-scale option (previously only available interactively).
* Removed arbitrary 1024 maximum length limit for log lines.
* Fixed two file colouring bugs (quoted files from git, period in file path).
* Fix handling of avatars for UTF-8 usernames on MACOSX (Christian Köstlin).
* Recover from video mode failing to set due to multi-sampling (Siddhesh Poyarekar).
* Bazaar support for merged commits (Nick Moffit).
* C++ efficiency improvements (Oliver Smith).
* Improved cvs-exp log compatibility.
* Re-show name of user when adding a new action if user is idle.
* Added --padding option to control camera view padding.
* More accurate camera tracking (tracks the bounding boxes of objects).
* Improved automatic rotation logic.
* Display time stops at the time of the last commit.
* Users fade out when end reached rather than ending abruptly.
* Position slider is now hidden by default if recording a video.
* Automatic camera rotation for better use of screen space.
* Support international keyboards (Peter Kjellerstedt).
* C++ efficiency improvements (Jacob Metcalfe).
* Fixed crash when reading from STDIN.
* Fixed intermittent crash closing Gource when using --output-ppm-stream.
* Added ini style config file support (see --load/save-config).
* Added screenshot button (F12). Screenshots respect the alpha channel.
* Added --transparent to make the background see-through (for screenshots).
* Added --logo and --background-image options.
* Added --dont-stop option for manual exiting when recording videos.
* Added --stop-at-time option to stop Gource after a number of seconds.
* Added --hide 'mouse' option.
* Added --highlight-dirs option.
* Added --file-extensions to show filename extensions only.
* Added --user-filter REGEX option.
* Allow --file-idle-time 0 (files will never expire).
* Allow --start-position 'random' to set a random start position.
* --log-command VCS replaces multiple --log-command-VCS options.
* Replaced --disable-progress and --disable-bloom with arguments to --hide.
* Updated to latest version of GL autoconf macros.
* Improved mouse dragging.
* Holding right mouse button and moving the mouse rotates the view.
* The middle mouse button now toggles the camera mode.
* Username positions now scale correctly.
* Simulation time no longer incremented while paused, counting towards file time lag.
* M key now toggles mouse visibility.
* Added --hide option to use instead of multiple --hide-ELEMENT options.
* Bazaar support (John Arbash Meinel).
* Dragging the mouse on the background moves the camera.
* Added --camera-mode option (track,overview).
* Support DOS line endings in logs.
* Improved compatibility of hg log command (Brendan Cully).
* Fixed PPM exporter producing blank images on some video cards.
* Fixed parsing of negative timezones from logs.
* Fixed various gdb and compiler warnings.
* PPM output speed improvements, including using a second thread (HighlandSun).
* Now using standard autotools (Flameeyes).
* Fixed --max-file-lag not working with some custom log files.
* Gource will stop at the end of the log by default when recording a video.
* Fixed STDIN stopping working after the first lot of records with tail -f.
* Added proper exception handling.
* Print errors to stderr.
* Hiding filenames no longer hides directory names.
* Fixed --stop-on-idle option.
* Added --stop-at-end option (more intuitive than --stop-position 1.0).
* Fixed Mercurial log order.
* Fixed windows build.
* Some documentation fixes.
* Added bloom effect (turn off with --disable-bloom).
* Added support for Mercurial (thanks to Justin Love for
* --start-position option now works in combination with --disable-progress.
* Use time_t instead of long for timestamps.
* Fixed camera movement while the simulation is paused.
* Show correct month for CVS logs.
* Added time scaling (Bitshifter).
* Added --hide-dirnames option.
* Added --user-scale option.
* Added --date-format option (Pat Notz).
* Fix bug when encountering long log lines.
* Fixed incorrect parsing of trivial merges.
* Fixed building issues on OSX.
* Added PPM output support for creating videos (Johannes Schindelin).
* Added experimental Apache combined access log support (--log-format apache).
* Added --stop-position and --stop-on-idle options (useful for making videos).
* Added --max-file-lag option to limit how long after a commit file changes can take to appear.
* Added --no-renames to the git log command as they don't display correctly.
* Added --max-user-speed and --user-friction as options.
* Now builds on OSX Leopard (with the required libaries installed).
* Caught raw exception from replace_invalid().
* Added CXXFLAGS. You may want to override the default (eg CXXFLAGS=-O3 ./configure).
* Updated SVN instructions.
* Removed single quotes from log command (fixes running gource --git-log-command in back ticks)
* Added SVN instructions.
* Fixed manpage hyphens.
* Added --enable-ttf-font-dir=DIR option to configure (to specify the ttf-freefont directory).
* UTF-8 support using UTF8-CPP (
* Changed the git log command (see --git-log-command) to require less work to parse.
Log files generated with the previous git-log command used by gource should continue to work.
* Allow --seconds-per-day value less than 1.0.
* Added --git-branch command.
* Added --loop command.
* Added --crop command.
* Made N key skip to next entry.
* Documented --user-image-dir flag.
* temp file name now uses uid instead of time
* First release.