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Copyright (C) 2009 Andrew Caudwell (
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef RDIRNODE_H
#define RDIRNODE_H
#include "core/sdlapp.h"
#include "core/bounds.h"
#include "core/quadtree.h"
#include "core/pi.h"
#include "core/vbo.h"
#include "gource_settings.h"
#include "spline.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "bloom.h"
#include <list>
#include <set>
class RFile;
class RDirNode : public QuadItem {
std::string abspath;
std::string path_token;
int path_token_offset;
RDirNode* parent;
std::list<RDirNode*> children;
std::list<RFile*> files;
SplineEdge spline;
vec4 col;
vec2 spos;
vec2 projected_pos;
vec2 projected_spos;
vec2 pos;
vec2 vel;
vec2 accel, prev_accel;
float dir_area;
bool visible;
bool in_frustum;
bool position_initialized;
float since_node_visible;
float since_last_file_change;
float since_last_node_change;
float file_area;
float dir_radius;
float dir_radius_sqrt;
float parent_radius;
int depth;
int visible_count;
vec3 screenpos;
vec2 node_normal;
void calcRadius();
void calcColour();
std::string commonPathPrefix(const std::string& str) const;
void changePath(const std::string & abspath);
void setInitialPosition();
void drawEdge(RDirNode* child) const;
void updateSplinePoint(float dt);
void move(float dt);
vec2 calcFileDest(int layer_no, int file_no);
void updateFilePositions();
void adjustDepth();
void adjustPath();
void drawDirName(FXFont& dirfont) const;
RDirNode(RDirNode* parent, const std::string & abspath);
void printFiles();
bool empty() const;
bool isAnchor(RDirNode* node) const;
RDirNode* getRoot();
void fileUpdated(bool userInitiated);
void nodeUpdated(bool userInitiated);
void addVisible();
bool isVisible();
float getArea() const;
int totalDirCount() const;
int totalFileCount() const;
int getTokenOffset() const;
int dirCount() const;
int fileCount() const;
int visibleFileCount() const;
bool noDirs() const;
bool noFiles() const;
bool prefixedBy(const std::string & path) const;
const std::string & getPath() const;
const vec2 & getNodeNormal() const;
bool isParent(RDirNode* node) const;
bool addFile(RFile* f);
bool removeFile(RFile* f);
int getDepth() const;
const std::list<RDirNode*> & getChildren() const;
void updateQuadItemBounds();
float getParentRadius() const;
float getRadius() const;
float getRadiusSqrt() const;
const std::list<RFile*>* getFiles() const { return &files; };
void getFilesRecursive(std::list<RFile*>& files) const;
vec3 averageFileColour() const;
const vec4 & getColour() const;
RDirNode* getParent() const;
bool isDir(const std::string& path) const;
void findDirs(const std::string& path, std::list<RDirNode*>& dirs);
const vec2 & getPos() const;
void calcEdges();
const vec2 & getProjectedPos() const;
const vec2 & getSPos() const;
void setPos(const vec2 & pos);
void rotate(float s, float c);
void setParent(RDirNode* parent);
float distanceToParent() const;
void addNode(RDirNode* node);
void debug(int indent=0) const;
void applyForceDir(RDirNode* dir);
void applyForces(QuadTree &quadtree);
void logic(float dt);
void updateEdgeVBO(quadbuf& buffer) const;
void drawEdges() const;
void drawEdgeShadows() const;
void checkFrustum(const Frustum & frustum);
void updateFilesVBO(quadbuf& buffer, float dt) const;
void updateBloomVBO(bloombuf& buffer, float dt);
void drawShadows(float dt) const;
void drawFiles(float dt) const;
void drawBloom(float dt);
void drawNames(FXFont& dirfont);
void calcScreenPos(GLint* viewport, GLdouble* modelview, GLdouble* projection);
void nodeCount() const;
class DirForceFunctor : public VisitFunctor<QuadItem>{
RDirNode * this_dir;
std::set<RDirNode*> seen;
size_t loopCount;
DirForceFunctor(RDirNode * dir) : this_dir(dir), seen(), loopCount(0){}
int getLoopCount() const{ return loopCount; }
void operator()(QuadItem * item){
std::set<RDirNode*>::iterator seentest;
RDirNode* d = (RDirNode*) (item);
if(d==this_dir) return;
if(d==this_dir->getParent()) return;
if(d->getParent() == this_dir) return;
if(this_dir->isParent(d)) return;
if(d->isParent(this_dir)) return;
if(d->node_count != 1) {
if((seentest = seen.find(d)) != seen.end())
extern int gGourceDirNodeInnerLoops;
extern int gGourceFileInnerLoops;
extern float gGourcePointSize;
extern bool gGourceNodeDebug;
extern bool gGourceGravity;
extern float gGourceForceGravity;
extern std::map<std::string, RDirNode*> gGourceDirMap;