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This file is to help you configure, build and install Gource for your system.
1. Dependencies
2. Building
3. Configure Options
1. Dependencies
Gource requires the following libraries to compile:
SDL 1.2 (libsdl1.2-dev)
SDL Image 1.2 (libsdl-image1.2-dev)
PCRE3 (libpcre3-dev)
FTGL 2.1.3~rc5-2 (libftgl-dev)
PNG library (libpng12-dev)
JPEG library (libjpeg62-dev)
2. Building
Building on Linux/Mac OS:
make install
If you got the source directly from the Gource.git repository, you will first need to run:
autoreconf -f -i
To generate the configure script.
Building on Windows:
On Windows I recommend compiling the project file gource.win32.cbp
for the Code Blocks IDE (
A pre-built version for Windows is normally available from the homepage.
3. Configure Options
By default Gource will install some GNU FreeFont TTF Fonts on your system. If you already have
these fonts installed, you can configure Gource to use these instead:
./configure --enable-ttf-font-dir=/path/to/freefont/
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