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1 parent 621bcb5 commit f087f008beaf4aa9f4139332c54f83fa13a9d24d @acaudwell committed Mar 14, 2012
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2 src/gource_settings.cpp
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ if(extended_help) {
printf(" --user-filter REGEX Ignore usernames matching this regex\n");
printf(" --file-filter REGEX Ignore files matching this regex\n\n");
- printf(" --user-friction SECONDS Time users take to come to a halt (default: 0.67)\n");
+ printf(" --user-friction SECONDS Change the rate users slow down (default: 0.67)\n");
printf(" --user-scale SCALE Change scale of users (default: 1.0)\n");
printf(" --max-user-speed UNITS Speed users can travel per second (default: 500)\n\n");

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