Custom Log Format

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Use Gource to visualize other data sources via the custom log format option


If you want to use Gource to visualize something other than the supported log formats, there is a pipe ('|') delimited custom log format option:

  • timestamp - A unix timestamp of when the update occured.
  • username - The name of the user who made the update.
  • type - initial for the update type - (A)dded, (M)odified or (D)eleted.
  • file - Path of the file updated.
  • colour - A colour for the file in hex (FFFFFF) format. Optional.

This format is detected by Gource, so you don't need any extra command line options to use it:

gource custom.log

Custom Log Example

The user andrew adding the file src/main.cpp:


Adding the same file coloured red (FF0000):


Streaming Custom Log Format via STDIN

If you want to stream live data into Gource, a good way to do this is to make a script that feeds custom log format entries into Gource via STDIN: | gource --realtime --log-format custom -

Assuming '' periodically prints custom log format lines to STDOUT. The '-' at the end of the Gource command tells it to expect data on STDIN.

--realtime tells Gource to increment the clock in real time.

NOTE: This examples assumes Gource 0.27 or later (STDIN support was buggy in earlier versions).

Custom Log Scripts


A script to visualize the activity of the Arch Linux package manager, pacman:


Martin contributes this query to generate a Gource custom log from a Bugzilla database:

                CONCAT(date_changed, '|', login_name, '|', x, '|', description),
        ' ', '_')
                UNIX_TIMESTAMP(a.bug_when) AS date_changed,
                p.login_name AS login_name,
                        WHEN (CHAR_LENGTH(added) > 0 AND CHAR_LENGTH(removed) = 0) THEN 'A'
                        WHEN (CHAR_LENGTH(added) = 0 AND CHAR_LENGTH(removed) > 0)THEN 'D'
                        WHEN (CHAR_LENGTH(added) > 0 AND CHAR_LENGTH(removed) > 0) THEN 'M'
                END AS x,
                CONCAT(, '/',, '/',, '/', b.bug_id, ' - ', b.short_desc) AS description
                bugs_activity a
                LEFT JOIN
                profiles p
                        ON a.who = p.userid
                LEFT JOIN
                bugs b
                        ON a.bug_id = b.bug_id
                LEFT JOIN
                products pr
                        ON b.product_id =
                LEFT JOIN
                components c
                        ON b.component_id =
                LEFT JOIN
                classifications cl
                        ON pr.classification_id =
        ORDER BY a.bug_when ASC


WolverineX02 has created a script to display DokuWiki change history with Gource which you can get here:


Gource doesn't include any built in support for Perforce currently. Olaf has created this one shell one liner to convert Perforce logs to Gource custom log format:

p4 changes ...|awk '{print $2}'|p4 -x - describe -s|awk '(/^Change / || /^... /) {if ($1 == "Change") {u=substr($4,1,index($4,"@")-1); t = $(NF-1) " " $NF; gsub("/"," ",t); gsub(":"," ",t);time=mktime(t);} else {if ($NF=="add") {c="A";} else if ($NF=="delete") {c="D";} else {c="M";};f=substr($2,3,index($2,"#")-3);print time "|" u "|" c "|" f;}}'|sort -n


Kai has written a script that convert a Fossil timeline to custom log format:


macbre has written a script that convert a MediaWiki edits history to custom log format:


Andrei Rybak has written a script to convert a JIRA tickets history to custom log format:

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