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Using Gource with SVN

Built-in Support

Gource includes SVN parsing and log generation built-in:

cd my-svn-project

You can also save a copy of the log first and use that, to avoid the SVN server having to generate it each time:

cd my-svn-project
svn log -r 1:HEAD --xml --verbose --quiet > my-project-log.xml
gource my-project-log.xml

Using Gource with SVN via git-svn Import

The below insturctions will work if your SVN repository has the standard three directories - trunk, tags and branches (Otherwise, see the 'git svn' documentation):

git svn init --stdlayout my-repo.git
cd my-repo.git
git svn fetch

Note: git svn fetch may take hours if your repository is large.

You can pull new changes into the Git copy of your SVN repository at any time using the following command:

git svn rebase
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