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Java API over Accelio
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JXIO is Java API over AccelIO (C library).

AccelIO ( is a high-performance asynchronous reliable messaging and RPC library optimized for hardware acceleration. RDMA and TCP/IP transport are implemented, and other transports, such as shared-memory can take advantage of efficient and convenient API.

Build instructions:

1. Download: git clone
2. Move into folder: cd JXIO
3. Set JAVA_HOME: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_25/
4. Build: ./ (this pulls the relevant C level Accelio library and builds everything you need)


In examples folder there is HelloWorld example. Both client and server are single threaded. Client sends a single message to Server and exits after receiving a response.
  1. Run Server side: ./examples/ server 1234
    LD library is: /.autodirect/mtrswgwork/katyak/tmp/jxio/examples
    Compiling JAVA files....
    Running Server side test
    2014-02-16 11:17:35,013 main INFO HelloServer:44 waiting for JXIO incoming connections
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,576 main INFO HelloServer:90 [SUCCESS] Got event onSessionNew from, URI='rdma://'
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,578 main INFO HelloServer:108 [SUCCESS] Got a message request! Prepare the champagne!
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,579 main INFO HelloServer:116 msg is: 'Hello Server'
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,583 main INFO HelloServer:135 [EVENT] Got event SESSION_CLOSED

  2. Run Client side: ./examples/ client 1234
    LD library is: /.autodirect/mtrswgwork/katyak/tmp/jxio/examples
    Compiling JAVA files....
    Running Client side test...
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,552 main INFO HelloClient:68 Try to establish a new session to 'rdma://'
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,580 main INFO HelloClient:102 [SUCCESS] Session established! Hurray !
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,581 main INFO HelloClient:106 [SUCCESS] Got a message! Bring the champagne!
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,582 main INFO HelloClient:114 msg is: 'Hello to you too, Client'
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,582 main INFO HelloClient:118 Closing the session...
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,585 main INFO HelloClient:126 [EVENT] Got event SESSION_CLOSED
    2014-02-16 11:17:46,586 main INFO HelloClient:57 Client is releasing JXIO resources and exiting

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