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Public repository for PySysC, (From SC Common Practices Subgroup)


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A Python package to make SystemC usable from Python. It supports composition of a SystemC/TLM model as well as running the simulation. As of version 0.2 it also allows to run Python functions as part of an SC_THREAD.

How to setup the environment

The installation for PySysC is as follows (using bash shell). The process has been tested under CentOS7 and Ubuntu 20.04. Make sure a newer version of gcc is in your path (tested with gcc-6.3.0). Also the SystemC installation has to be reference with the environment variable SYSTEMC_HOME.

If you get an error complaining about missing Python.h, you need to install Python development headers. See the articel under

# create virtual environment
python3 -m venv pysysc-env
# and avtivate it
. pysysc-env/bin/activate
# update pip to mekae sure we have the newest version
python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
# install wheel package
python3 -m pip install wheel
# install cppyy, C++ std version needs to match the version used when building the SystemC library
STDCXX=11 python3 -m pip install cppyy
# clone of PySysC
git clone
# install PySysC, for development PySysC use 'python3 -m pip install -e`
SYSTEMC_HOME=<path to SystemC> python3 -m pip install PySysC

Running the example

To run the example you need to clone and build the PySysC-SC repo. It contains the code and libraries being used in the example. This project uses as package manager so it should be installed (see down below). To deactivate conan and use a SystemC installation just comment out the line setup_conan() in CMakeLists.txt and set the environment variable SYSTEMC_HOME.

Run the

# get the PySysC-SC repo
git clone --recursive
# build the project libraries as shared libs
cd PySysC-SC
mkdir -p build/Debug
cd build/Debug
make -j components
cd ../..
# now we are ready to run the example

Installing conan separately

To install conan being used during cmake and build the example project without PySysC you need to execute the following steps:

# install conan into our virtual environment pysysc-env
python3 -m pip install conan
# create the default profile
conan profile new default --detect
# add the repo for SystemC packages used in the project
conan remote add minres


  • pythonize sc_module with iteration protocol (__next__ and StopIteration exception)
  • add support for SC_METHOD


Public repository for PySysC, (From SC Common Practices Subgroup)







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