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JavaScript client for Accept NANO payment gateway
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Payment gateway for NANO

accept-nano-client is a JavaScript library that helps you to communicate with accept-nano server for receiving NANO payments easily.

Cross-browser compatibility is tested with BrowserStack, thanks to their sponsorship.


accept-nano-client is pushed to npm on each tagged build, so you can easily include it by inserting a script tag into your part of the HTML page, like this:

        <script src=""></script>


After the accept-nano-client script is loaded there will be a global variable called acceptNano, which is an instance of our primary AcceptNano class and will be used for communicating your server, starting and controlling payment sessions.

Setting up the Client

Before initiating the payment process, you must configure the acceptNano instance by using the following method and parameters:

    apiURL: '', // URL of your Accept NANO server (String, required)
    debug: false, // used for enabling debug mode, (Bool, non-required, false by default)
    pollInterval: 1500, // time period (ms) to check for verification of the payment sessions (Number, non-required, 1500 by default)

Initiating Payment Session

After you configure the acceptNano instance, you can initiate a payment session by using the following:

    data: {
        amount: '10' // (String, required)
        currency: 'USD' // (String, required, 'USD' or 'nano')
        state: '{userId:7}' // State to share between client and server, (String, non-required)
    onStart: (paymentData) => {} // Function, fired when the payment session starts
    onSuccess: (paymentData) => {} // Function, fired when the payment session completed succesfully
    onFailure: (failureReason) => {} // Function, fired when the payment session fails
    onCancel: () => {} // Function, fired when the payment session is cancelled by the user


  • Please open an issue if you have a question or suggestion.
  • Don't create a PR before discussing it first.

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