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<div class="about">
<h1 ref="componentFocusTarget">This is the orders page</h1>
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<button class="o-button o-button--bare" @click="startFakeQueryForOrders" v-if="!queryComplete && !isLoading">
Click here to query our database for your past orders
<div v-if="isLoading">
<label for="loading-progress">Loading progress:</label>
<ProgressBar ref="progressbar" id="loading-progress" :value="value" />
<div v-if="queryComplete" ref="loadedContent" tabindex="-1">
<h2>Your past orders</h2>
<li>Accessibility For Everyone</li>
<li>Inclusive Components</li>
<li>Inclusive Design Patterns</li>
<li>Pro HTML5 Accessibility</li>
<li>Color Accessibility Workflows</li>
import ProgressBar from "../components/ProgressBar";
export default {
data() {
return {
isLoading: false,
queryComplete: false,
value: 0
name: "orders",
components: {
methods: {
startFakeQueryForOrders() {
this.isLoading = true;
this.$nextTick(() => {
setTimeout(() => {
setInterval(this.fakeProgressIntervall, 1000);
fakeProgressIntervall() {
if (this.value <= 100) {
this.value = this.value + 10;
focusLoadedFakeContent() {
this.$nextTick(() => {
setTimeout(() => {
}, 750);
watch: {
value (value) {
if (value >= 100) {
this.isLoading = false;
this.queryComplete = true;
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