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I could not find this plugin anywhere on the net anymore so I've brought it into github without changes. I haven't tested it thoroughly for Rails 2+, but it seems to work OK for me.
= numberToWords - convert your integers and floats to english, japanese, or american currency (dollars)
- This plugin was created from a solution to the ruby quiz (english numbers) by Matthew D Moss. I modified the code to work as a rails plugin and added the to_dollars method.
- the to_dollars method will work with integers and floats
- the to_english and to_japaneese methods will only work with integers. If you have call these methods on a float, it will be converted to an integer before translating.
= Examples
123.to_english == one hundred and twenty-three
123.to_japaneese == hyaku niju san
123.to_dollars == one hundred and twenty-three dollars
money = 123.23
money.to_dollars == one hundred and twenty-three dollars and twenty-three cents
money = 1.01
money.to_dollars == one dollar and one cent
= License
Ruby's - Do whatever you want whenever you want, with any part or all of this code.
= Contributions
you can send patches, questions, or feature requests to (this email address does not work any more)
= Thank You Ruby Quiz and Matthew D Moss