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Emacs Haxe Imports


Code for dealing with Haxe imports


This package is based on java-imports by Mathew Lee Hinman found here

This package adds the import-haxe-class function, which will prompt for the class at point, then the package, then add the required import statement for the class and cache a "class-name -> package" relationship for any future importing of the class.


(require 'haxe-imports)

;; whatever you want to bind it to
(define-key haxe-mode-map (kbd "M-I") 'haxe-imports-add-import-dwim)

I also recommend having haxe-imports automatically add any seen imports to the import cache by adding:

(add-hook 'haxe-mode-hook 'haxe-imports-scan-file)


Functions you may want to bind to a key in Haxe-mode:

Function Use
haxe-imports-add-import-dwim Add import for the symbol at point (or ask if none)
haxe-imports-add-import Add import for symbol at point, confirming class first
haxe-imports-scan-file Scan imports in the file, adding them to the cache

Other useful functions for writing your own tools:



Saving buffer automatically after adding an import

haxe-imports will default to saving the buffer after adding an import, but you can customize haxe-imports-save-buffer-after-import-added to change this.


By default packages are cached the first time they're manually entered, if you want to overwrite what's in the cache you can invoke haxe-imports-add-import with the prefix key (C-u).

To disable caching, set haxe-imports-use-cache to nil.

Import style

You can customize haxe-imports-find-block-function, either setting it to a custom function. Currently it is set to the one below:

  • haxe-imports-find-place-after-last-import (default)

    Simply appends the import to the end of the list of imports

Cache name

By default haxe-imports will use "haxe-imports" as the name of the cache of class->package names, however, if you want to have separate caches per project, you can customize haxe-imports-cache-name to have a separate String name (perhaps in a .dir-locals.el for per-project imports).

Things to do:

[x] Add tests