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AnilRedshift committed Mar 14, 2018
1 parent 8cb172b commit 8e9ad855e68d32327f5522510f7b8332d6296c57
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@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
"desc": "Sends an ephemeral message to a channel.",

"args": {
"channel": {
"type" : "channel",
"required" : true,
"desc" : "Channel, private group, or IM channel to send message to. Can be an encoded ID, or a name. See [below](#channels) for more details."
"text": {
"required" : true,
"example" : "Hello world",
"desc" : "Text of the message to send. See below for an explanation of [formatting](#formatting)."
"user": {
"type" : "user",
"required" : true,
"desc" : "`id` of the user who will receive the ephemeral message. The user should be in the channel specified by the `channel` argument."
"parse": {
"example" : "full",
"desc" : "Change how messages are treated. Defaults to `none`. See [below](#formatting)."
"link_names": {
"example" : "1",
"desc" : "Find and link channel names and usernames."
"attachments": {
"example" : "[{\"pretext\": \"pre-hello\", \"text\": \"text-world\"}]",
"desc" : "Structured message attachments."
"as_user": {
"required" : false,
"example" : "true",
"desc" : "Pass true to post the message as the authed user, instead of as a bot. Defaults to false. See [authorship](#authorship) below."

"errors": {

"channel_not_found" : "Value passed for `channel` was invalid.",
"user_not_in_channel" : "Cannot post user messages to a channel they are not in.",
"is_archived" : "Channel has been archived.",
"msg_too_long" : "Message text is too long",
"no_text" : "No message text provided",
"rate_limited" : "Application has posted too many messages, [read the Rate Limit documentation](/docs/rate-limits) for more information"

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