@jeromesimeon jeromesimeon released this Jan 10, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

This release features the latest (and improved) Ergo 0.6.0 with a brand new DateTime library, overloaded operators, and various improvements to the Ergo compiler and type system!

Install the latest release of the Cicero command-line tool with
npm i -g @accordproject/cicero-cli


  • 🛍 Overloaded operators: never write +i again! (accordproject/ergo#375).
  • 🕑 You can now use directly Duration and Period concepts from the most recent Concerto time model. New operations include converting durations between different time units, duration division and computing the minimum/maximum in an array of dates.DateTime support: (accordproject/ergo#345, accordproject/ergo#483)

Bug fixes

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