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Updated Apr 26, 2019

Interactive execution for Ergo. Should support:

  • Loading of Ergo modules
  • Interactive read-eval-print loop
  • Used from command-line
  • Used in browser
  • Deployed on serverless platform

Contract Modularity

Updated Oct 12, 2019

Ability to create contracts from other contracts/partially defined contracts/contracts+clauses etc.

Verified compilation

Updated Aug 10, 2018

Formally prove correct (part of) the Ergo compiler. I.e., the reference semantics is preserved.

Tezos target

Updated Jul 24, 2018

Tezos DLT as a target for the Ergo compiler

EVM Target

Updated Jul 24, 2018

Ethereum Virtual Machine as a target for the Ergo compiler.

WASM Target

Updated Jul 24, 2018

WASM as a target for Ergo execution.

Corda Target

Updated Jan 8, 2019

Corda as a compilation target for Ergo, generating code for execution directly on Corda.

HL Fabric 1.1 Target

Updated Jul 24, 2018

Native Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 compilation, for execution of Ergo in-chain.

Formal Semantics

Updated Aug 10, 2018

We should have a full formal semantics for Ergo, useful for documentation and future work on verification.

JVM Target

Updated Jul 24, 2018

Support Java/JVM as a target for compiling/running Ergo

JavaScript Target

Updated Jun 14, 2019

Support JavaScript as a target backend for Ergo execution

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