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Cicero 0.13.0 ☘️

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@jeromesimeon jeromesimeon released this 01 Jul 21:20

This 0.13.0 release is focused on overhauling error handling and improved error reporting. Errors use a new type hierarchy which works harmoniously across Cicero, Composer Concerto and Ergo! 🎶

It also includes some bug fixes, and integrates new Ergo features: array index access, a new logging expression, support for compiler warnings and new built-in functions.

Note: While this release is backward compatible from a templates support perspective, it may require changes to application code which relies on the Cicero JavaScript API

Bug fixes

  • 🐞 Parsing of date time without format is now consistent with that of the same date time with the default US format MM/DD/YYYY (#375)


New expressions 🎁

  • 🔢 Array index. You can now write e1[e2] to access the value of array e1 at (integer) index e2. This return an option for type safety. (accordproject/ergo#561)
  • 📝 Logging. You can now write info(e1); e2 which indicate you want to print the value of e1 then evaluate e2. The semantic is defined as a no-op (so the compiler is free to optimise aggressively in some environments), but this can be useful when authoring template logic. This is an experimental feature, feedback is welcome (accordproject/ergo#121)

Built-in functions

Errors 🐛