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Accord Project Extension for VS Code

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The Accord Project extension helps developers to create, test and debug Accord Project templates.

For a step-by-step guide on getting started with the extension's features, access our VS Code Tutorial. For more comprehensive documentation, follow this link.

Accord Project Extension Homepage


Please visit the Visual Studio Code Marketplace for installation and more details.


  • Create data models for templates using the Concerto modelling language
  • Develop the logic for templates using the Ergo domain specific language
  • Write the natural language text for templates using the CiceroMark extended markdown syntax
  • Run unit tests for templates using the Cucumber BDD testing framework
  • Trigger templates (send them data and view the results)
  • Syntax highlighting for all files
  • Compilation and problem markers
  • HTML preview for template markdown text and Concerto models


  • Compile your model.cto file to a target

Code Gen GIF

  • Draft clause after passing relevent input into the form.

Draft Clause GIF

  • Work offline by downloading Concerto model dependencies (context-click on a *.cto file)
  • Export PlantUML class diagram (context-click on a *.cto file)

Downdload Models and Export Class Diagrsms GIF

  • Parse Clause after entering relevent information into the input form.
  • Export the template directory as a .cta archive.

Parse Clause and Export as archive GIF

  • Trigger a template, parsing data from and passing in request.json and state.json (context-click on root folder)

Trigger Clause GIF


  • HTML preview for template text (open and then press the Open Preview icon in the editor or context menu)
  • HTML preview for Concerto models (open *.cto and then press the Open Preview icon in the editor or context menu)

Quick Fixes

  • Add a variable to the template model if an undeclared variable is used in Note that the model.cto file must be open for the quick fix to be available.

Concerto Snippets

The extention adds code snippets for the following elements of the Concerto language.

Element Prefix
Asset asset
Participant participant
Transaction transaction
Concept concept
Enum enum
Event event
Namespace namespace
Import import
String string
Double double
Integer int
Long long
DateTime date
Boolean bool

Ergo Snippets

The extention adds code snippets for the following elements of the Ergo language.

Element Prefix
Clause clause
Contract contract

Contact Us

If you have find any problems or want to make suggestions for future features please create issues and suggestions on Github. For any questions please join the Accord Project Discord community and post questions to the #technology-cicero channel.


Thanks to our friends at IBM Blockchain Platform for inspiring us with their existing plugin.

Accord Project Logo

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Accord Project is an open source, non-profit, initiative working to transform contract management and contract automation by digitizing contracts. Accord Project operates under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. The technical charter for the Accord Project can be found here.

Learn More About Accord Project


The Accord Project technology is being developed as open source. All the software packages are being actively maintained on GitHub and we encourage organizations and individuals to contribute requirements, documentation, issues, new templates, and code.

Find out what’s coming on our blog.

Join the Accord Project Technology Working Group Discord channel to get involved!

For code contributions, read our CONTRIBUTING guide and information for DEVELOPERS.


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Accord Project source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Accord Project documentation files are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-4.0).

Copyright 2018-2019 Clause, Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. See LF Projects Trademark Policy.