A competitive open-source AI for renju supporting Gomocup protocol
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  • Copyright (C) 2005-2014 Chengtao Chen
  • Copyright (C) 2014 Chengtao Chen, Kai Sun
  • Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Chengtao Chen, Kai Sun, Tianyi Hao

Xl (alias Niren) is a competitive renju program (NOT support gomoku), originally designed by Chengtao Chen. This is a modified version which supports Gomocup protocol.


  • Support Gomocup protocol. Users can run xl with GUIs which support Gomocup protocol such as Piskvork.
  • Keep all features of original xl. Users can enter the orignal CUI by typing command xlmain.

The original document written by Chengtao can be found at: http://www.aiexp.info/files/introduction_to_xl.pdf ; the original source code written by Chengtao can be found at: http://www.aiexp.info/files/niren_source.zip (engine and its CUI). It is a pity that the source code of its GUI part was lost.


陈成涛介绍xl设计的原始文档可见:http://www.aiexp.info/files/introduction_to_xl.pdf ; 陈成涛提供的xl原始代码可见:http://www.aiexp.info/files/niren_source.zip (引擎及它的字符界面)。可惜的是xl的图形界面代码已丢失。


  • 支持Gomocup协议,用户可通过支持Gomocup协议的界面程序(如piskvork)调用xl。
  • 保留了原始xl的所有特性。用户可以通过命令xlmain进入原始的字符界面。