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Downed Allied Air Crew Database Austria. A web application.
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Downed Allied Air Crew Database Austria. A web application.


This is the repository of the web application Downed Allied Air Crew Database Austria. The application’s purpose is the publication of data about allied air crews whose planes were downed above Austria during WW II. The data running this application was gathered by Georg Hoffmann and Nicole Goll. For more information please refere to Hoffmann, Fliegerlynchjustiz, 2015 or Goll/Hoffmann, Missing in Action, 2016.


The application was built with Python 3.4.

  1. clone the repo
  2. create a virtual environment and run install the required packages pip install -r requirements
  3. makemigrations and migrate python makemigrationsand python migrate
  4. start the dev-server python runserver --settings=flj.settings.test
  5. browse to

Upload the data

To import data, you have to execute the ipython scripts

  • importBomber.ipynb and
  • importCrew.ipynb

To do so:

  1. Start a new ipython session python shell_plus --notebook --settings=flj.settings.test, (if you haven't done so, install the needed packages, e.g. pip install -r requirements_notebook.txt)
  2. open importBomber.ipynb and execute the script cell by cell.
  3. Then open importCrew.ipynband execute the script cell by cell.

Geographic locations

The geographic location of the crash points is determined with recourse to the geographic database GeoNames. The coordinates of the crash points result from their assignment to the respective town or city (so-called PPLA, seat of an administrative division of certain order), which does not necessarily have to coincide with the administrative unit itself (ADM).

Crash sites

In some cases, the original designations of the crash sites were made more precise. These original names were retained in the data set by using the label function, label type orig.

Aircraft units

The designation of the aircraft units consists of four elements.

e.g.: 8th USAAF | 67 | 44 | 42-72853

Element Meaning
8th USAAF Air Force
67 Squadron
44 Bomber Group
42-72853 Aircraft Identification Number
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