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ACDH-CH Learning resources

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Visit the website at

Contribute content

Contribute or edit content via CMS

Sign-in to the CMS via []. You'll need a GitHub account and be a member of the ACDH-CH GitHub organization.

For edits to articles you can also directly click the "Suggest changes to this resource" links at the bottom of each post.

Run a local CMS backend

You can run a local CMS backend which writes directly to the filesystem, and does not require authentication, with yarn cms:dev. Then run either a production build of the website with NEXT_PUBLIC_USE_LOCAL_CMS='true' yarn build && yarn start or a development build with yarn dev and visit http://localhost:3000/cms. To apply the correct styles to the CMS preview, you will have to run yarn cms:styles once. Don't forget to commit and push changes via git.

Use your favorite text editor

Since content is saved to .mdx files in the content/posts folder, you can use your favourite text editor to make changes and commit via git. When using VS Code you can install the recommended extensions to get linting aud auto-formatting for markdown.

Contributing guidelines

When contributing content directly via git, please use feature branches and don't push to main, to allow for review.

Note on writing Markdown

Content is saved in MDX format, which is markdown with custom JavaScript components. Most markdown syntax is supported, however there are subtle parsing differences to be aware of. Most notably: the "lesser than" sign < needs to be HTML-escaped to &lt; (because it signifies the start of a custom component), and similarly "autolinks" (<> instead of []( are not allowed.


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