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Cirilo is an application developed for content preservation and data curation in FEDORA-based repository systems. Content preservation and data curation include object creation and management, versioning, normalization and standards, and the choice of data formats. The client offers functionalities which are especially prone to be used as tools for mass operations on FEDORA objects, such as ingest or replacement processes. Cirilo uses a collection of predefined content models, which can be used without further adjustments for standard workflow scenarios like the management of collections of TEI objects. It encapsulates functions for the resolvement of place names or ontology concepts, thus semantically enriching resources in the digital archive. Various dissemination options can also be assigned with the client. Cirilo is a contribution to the DARIAH-EU task “Reference Software Packages. The source code of the client can be found at, the documentation is available at An „archive-in-a-box“-installation package (Client including a FEDORA 3.5 instance) for Debian-based Linux-distributions can be downloaded from LaTeX and R are not automatically included in the installation process. To use the corresponding functionalities please install the packages texlive-full, r-base, r-base-dev and other needed R plugins on your server.

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