Scan web pages for resources which won't load due to mixed content blocking
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Report mixed content on web pages using PhantomJS

This is a simple script which loads HTTPS pages and reports any resources which are loaded insecurely and are thus likely to be blocked by modern browsers.

Note that it does not include a spider – you may use a tool like LinkChecker to generate a big list or something like extract-urls to load a list from a page:

http | extract-urls | grep -F .gov | cut -f1 -d"'" | grep -vF | grep -vE '/(images|js|javascript|stylesheets|css|foresee)/' | grep -vE '[.](js|css)$' | perl -pe 's|^(?!http://)|http://|' | sort -ifu | xargs ./report-mixed-content.js


  • PhantomJS 2.0


./report-mixed-content.js …