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A C+SDL+Cairo demo. Test combined joystick / keyboard input.

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A C+SDL+Cairo demo. Test combined joystick / keyboard input. Based on acdimalev-demo-2010-04-21-01.

You must have Cairo and SDL installed to build this demo.

This demo was developed on a Debian Lenny system with the following dev packages installed:

  • libcairo2-dev=1.6.4-7
  • libsdl1.2-dev=1.2.13-2

To build and execute the demo, run "make" and then "./foo".

$ make
$ ./foo

The demo will pop up in a window, and may be closed with the q key. You can then use the following controls to manipulate the triangle:

  • Keyboard ** LEFT — steer left ** RIGHT — steer right ** UP — gas
  • Xbox 360 Controller ** Left Thumbstick — steer ** Right Trigger — gas
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