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Idiomatic, modular, testable, isomorphic Flux. No singletons required.

$ npm install --save flummox


Stable (3.x)

Current stable Flummox's version with latest React.js support is 3.6.x. If you're happy enough with what you have right now then you can safely stay with this version. It will be maintained but we don't think that new features will be added.

Non-stable (4.x)

Eventually 4.x should be the last major release but it never happened. If you want the latest features then use Redux instead. It's really great.

We know that churn can be frustrating but we feel it would be irresponsible for us to continue recommending Flummox when Redux exists which is a significant improvement over classical Flux.

Check out redux-actions and redux-promise, which implement much of the convenience of Flummox as Redux extensions.

Join the #flummox channel of the Reactiflux Slack community.

Join the chat at

The documentation is hosted at It is a pre-rendered, isomorphic app built with Flummox and React. Checkout the source.