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Should I use this? Performance and other concerns

If function composition doesn't scare you, then yes, I think so. I believe using higher-order component helpers leads to smaller, more focused components, and provides a better programming model than using classes for operations—like mapProps() or shouldUpdate()—that aren't inherently class-y.

That being said, any abstraction over an existing API is going to come with trade-offs. There is a performance overhead when introducing a new component to the tree. I suspect this cost is negligible compared to the gains achieved by blocking subtrees from re-rendering using shouldComponentUpdate()—which Recompose makes easy with its shouldUpdate() and onlyUpdateForKeys() helpers. In the future, I'll work on some benchmarks so we know what we're dealing with.

However, many of Recompose's higher-order component helpers are implemented using stateless function components rather than class components. Eventually, React will include optimizations for stateless components.

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