Island is a programming game designed as a support for Software Engineering classes
Scala Java
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Island Programming Game

  • Main author: Sébastien Mosser
  • Version: 2.0
  • Contributors:
    • Philippe Collet (game design)
    • Flavian Jacquot (bug fix)
    • Günther Jungbluth (Web GUI, alternative project)
    • Pascal Tung (initial version of the Web GUI, compatible with Island 1.0)

Island is a programming game used to teach software engineering and support research about software variability.

More information available at the following URL:

Project contents

  • arena: A championship arena used to trigger multiple players on the very same island
  • engine: The Island engine, used to build islands and implement a game on top of such islands
  • player: The player interface (containing the IEXplorerRaid java interface), to be implemented by the player
  • runner: Experimental feature to run the engine on a given player, outside of a championship arena