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Generate a random, unique, heroku-like name for your app/project/server etc. e.g. "resonant-silence"


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⚰️ ⚰️ DEPRECATED ⚰️ ⚰️

This project is no longer being supported.

Project Name Generator

Generate quirky names like spiffy-waterfall, sassy-bread, mature-dew-8239 to use wherever you need a random but memorable name.

Useful for object names, temp folders, passwords, project names, unique ids etc


npm install project-name-generator --save

Quick Start

var generate = require('project-name-generator');

generate().dashed; // 'uptight-guitar'

generate().spaced; // 'grandiose clam'

generate().raw; // ['deluxe', 'grandmother']

generate({ number: true }).dashed; // 'disgraceful-temper-7794'

generate({ words: 4 }).raw; // ['tiny', 'crabby', 'wired', 'quicksand']

generate({ words: 4, number: true }).dashed; // 'breakable-judicious-luxuriant-tax-3931'

generate({ words: 2, alliterative: true }).spaced; // 'elegant experience'

Quickstart CLI

This package contains a cli script. You can pull in the package globally using npm npm install -g project-name-generator

Call from your command line

$ project-name-generator
{ raw: [ 'spry', 'bath' ],
  dashed: 'spry-bath',
  spaced: 'spry bath' }

For CLI options

project-name-generator -h

Usage: project-name-generator [options]


  -V, --version          output the version number
  -w, --words [num]      number of words [2]
  -n, --numbers          use numbers
  -a, --alliterative     use alliterative
  -o, --output [output]  output type [raw|dashed|spaced]
  -h, --help             output usage information


The module returns a single function, generate(options)

Calling generate() with no arguments will return an object:

    raw: ['whispering', 'valley'],
    dashed: 'whispering-valley',
    spaced: 'whispering valley'

The options argument object can have properties

  • words (number) - Number of words generated (excluding number). All words will be adjectives, except the last one which will be a noun. Defaults to 2.
  • number (boolean) - Whether a numeric suffix is generated or not. The number is between 1 - 9999, both inclusive. Defaults to false.
  • alliterative (boolean) - Whether to output words beginning with the same letter or not. Defaults to false.

generate({ words: 3 }) will return:

    raw: ['harmonious', 'endurable', 'substance'],
    dashed: 'harmonious-endurable-substance',
    spaced: 'harmonious endurable substance'

generate({ words: 5, number: true }) will return:

  raw: [ 'exciting', 'cooperative', 'legal', 'lackadaisical', 'blood', 4099 ],
  dashed: 'exciting-cooperative-legal-lackadaisical-blood-4099',
  spaced: 'exciting cooperative legal lackadaisical blood 4099'

generate({ words: 2, number: false, alliterative: true }) will return:

  raw: [ 'elegant', 'experience' ],
  dashed: 'elegant-experience',
  spaced: 'elegant experience'


To run tests locally:

npm install

npm test

The library has been tested with Node.js 12.18.4


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Generate a random, unique, heroku-like name for your app/project/server etc. e.g. "resonant-silence"