A simple class for making calls to Bitcoin's API using PHP. This is an old library, I suggest instead using https://github.com/denpamusic/php-bitcoinrpc
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A simple class for making calls to Bitcoin's API using PHP.

Getting Started

  1. Include easybitcoin.php into your PHP script:

  2. Initialize Bitcoin connection/object:

    $bitcoin = new Bitcoin('username','password');

    Optionally, you can specify a host, port. Default is HTTP on localhost port 8332.

    $bitcoin = new Bitcoin('username','password','localhost','8332');

    If you wish to make an SSL connection you can set an optional CA certificate or leave blank

  3. Make calls to bitcoind as methods for your object. Examples:


Additional Info

  • When a call fails for any reason, it will return false and put the error message in $bitcoin->error

  • The HTTP status code can be found in $bitcoin->status and will either be a valid HTTP status code or will be 0 if cURL was unable to connect.

  • The full response (not usually needed) is stored in $bitcoin->response while the raw JSON is stored in $bitcoin->raw_response