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Adds a little bit of romance into the lives of the various inhabitants of Qud.

When you talk to a creature there is now a "Let's Chat" option which begins some basic conversation for getting to know the person. Your choices in that conversation will subtly affect their disposition towards you. Read your partner's body language for clues about what they find attractive.

When a creature's disposition towards you reaches certain levels it adds options for Giving Gifts, Attempting to Kiss, and Proposing Dates to the options for the Let's Chat dialogues and also to the advanced interaction menu.

If you propose a date to someone and they agree, then use the interaction menu for another item that isn't too far away to invite them to that object for the date.

Dates and gifts are assessed based on the person's interests and hobbies.

If you attempt to kiss someone they will assess whether they're attracted to you and if they are, they will kiss you back.

Work in Progress

qudkissing has grown from a passing fancy into a complex romance. Further developments are planned to improve the depth and complexity of your romances in Qud.

With the help of @EvanBalster, this mod now uses Qud's HistorySpice files for dynamic dialogue. This makes it possible for non-programmers to contribute dialogue to the mod.


A mod adding a little romance to Caves Of Qud.






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