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A python3 software for displaying events (from iCalendars), weather (from openweathermap) and RSS feeds on selected E-Paper displays (4.2", 5.83", 7.5"(v1), 7.5"(v2)) from Waveshare/GoodDisplay.

Main features

  • Monthly Calendar that shows events from your Google (or other) iCalendar/s
  • Live weather info and forecasts for next 9 hours (openweathermap)
  • Agenda to show what is on your shedule (from your iCalendar/s)
  • RSS feeds from various providers to keep up to date with news, quotes etc.


  • Looking for a 3D-printable IKEA frame mount? Check this out (Credit to Ribitsch)
  • Looking for a server-only solution? This repo offers a server-only solution (Credit to Atrejoe)
  • Discord chat open now. Click here to enter
  • Version 1.7.1 released with support for 4.2", 5.83", 7.5" (v1) and 7.5" (v2) E-Paper displays (Mid January 2020)
  • Added support for Debian Buster, Buster Lite is not supported!
  • Added a user-friendly Web-UI for adding details to the programm (Credit to TobyChui for the template)

Development status

This software is in active development. To see the current development status, [Click here].


Hardware required

  • 7.5" 3-Colour E-Paper Display (Black, White, Red/Yellow) with driver hat from waveshare or
  • 7.5" 2-Colour E-Paper Display (Black, White) with driver hat from waveshare
  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH (with headers) (no soldering iron required)
  • Or: Raspberry Pi Zero W. In this case, you'll need to solder 2x20 pin GPIO headers yourself
  • MicroSD card (min. 4GB)
  • MicroUSB cable (for power)
  • Something to be used as a case (e.g. a RIBBA photo-frame or a 3D-printed case)


Getting the Raspberry Pi Zero W ready

  1. After flashing Raspbian Buster (with Desktop), set up Wifi on the Raspberry Pi Zero W by copying the file wpa_supplicant.conf (from above) to the /boot directory and adding your Wifi details in that file.
  2. Create a simple text document named ssh in the boot directory to enable ssh.
  3. Expand the filesystem in the Terminal with sudo raspi-config --expand-rootfs
  4. Enable SPI by entering sudo sed -i s/#dtparam=spi=on/dtparam=spi=on/ /boot/config.txt in the Terminal
  5. Set the correct timezone with sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata, selecting the correct continent and then the capital of your country.
  6. Reboot to apply changes
  7. Optional: If you want to disable the on-board leds of the Raspberry, follow these instructions: Disable on-board-led

Installing required packages for python 3.x

Execute the following command in the Terminal to install all required packages. Please use Raspbian Buster with Desktop (preferably the latest version). Raspbian Buster LITE is not supported.

bash -c "$(curl -sL"

Note: If you were using a previous version, please use the web-ui for generating a new settings file. Settings files from previous versions are not compatible.

If you get some red lines, please run pip3 install Pillow==6.2.0.

If the installer is broken, please follow the instructions here manual installation

If the Installer should fail for any reason, kindly open an issue and paste the error. Thanks.

Preview of Installer:

Adding details to the programm

When you run the installer, you can add details in the last step. For new-users, it is recommended to use the 'web-UI' option.

You can also manually edit the settings file like this: nano /home/$USER/Inky-Calendar/settings/

Once your details are added, run the software with: python3 /home/$USER/Inky-Calendar/modules/ If everything is working correctly, you'll see some lines being printed on the console (not red ones). Lastly, the E-Paper display will show a fresh image.

If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment in the issues or via email. Thanks in advance.


With the latest release (v1.7), most iCalendars (Google, Yahoo, etc.) will work without problems. With Google and Yahoo, recurring events are now supported as well. With the other iCalendar providers, testing has not been done.

Event names will be truncated until they fit in their allocated space/line. Try avoiding too long event names.

If you encounter errors related to your iCalendar, please feel free to report the error either by opening an issue or by sending a mail.


Before updating, re-name the current Inky-Calendar folder e.g. Inky-Calendar-old and then run the installer again (see above), choosing the update option.


All sorts of contributions are most welcome and appreciated. To start contributing, please follow the Contribution Guidelines.

The average response time for issues, PRs and emails is usually 24 hours. In some cases, it might be longer.

Don't forget to check out the Wiki. It contains all the information to understanding and customising the script.

P.S: Don't forget to star and/or watch the repo. For those who have done so already, thank you very much!


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