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#pragma once
#include "UIBase.h"
#include "WarManager.h"
#include "UILLayout.h"
class RotateImage;
class ImageButton;
class StaticImage;
class Widget;
class EnemyQueue;
class UIWarModeTwo :public UILayout
void init();
virtual void update(float time);
void notityEmeny(EnemyQueue* pEnemyQueue){m_pEnemy=pEnemyQueue;}
void updateEnemyDir();
void onKillEnemyQueue(EnemyQueue* pEnemyQueue);
void onLostEnemyQueue(EnemyQueue* pEnemyQueue);
void onCrateEnemyQueue(EnemyQueue* pEnemyQueue);
void reset();
void setScore(unsigned int score);
virtual void buttonHit(Widget* button);
virtual void onBeginTouch(int x,int y);
ImageButton* m_PauseButton; ///暂停按钮
// ImageButton* m_pFireButton; ///开火按钮
// StaticImage* m_FirePoint; ///中间准心
RotateImage* m_pRotateImage;//指向敌人的方向
EnemyQueue* m_pEnemy;
typedef std::vector<Widget*> WidgetCollect;
WidgetCollect m_LifeCollect;
StaticImage* m_ScoreImage[5];
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