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I code a lot from my desktop, so I wrote this so I could code and text at the same time :P
Using the app is pretty simple..
Just activate via SBSettings, then Navigate to your iphone's IP address.
or via bonjour like http://treasons-iphone.local:8080/ (of course rename the "treason" part with your iDevice name)
Port is configurable through the web interface.
Authentication can be added through the web interface.
You can send and receive SMS, and view MMS (pics and videos)
If the contacts names dont match the numbers, check the country code thingy in settings. It's set for USA by default.
Umm I'm sure there's some other stuff I am forgetting to mention but yea install it and poke around.
Change Log:
Fixed shift-enter on chrome
Fixed incoming imessage image display
Added 2 previously unknown imessage flags credit: @Rian083
Added french translation ( http://IP:Port/index-fr.html ) credit: @daReal68
Other bugs I can't remember ATM
MMS inline imagery
iMessage inline imagery
iOS5 emoji tables, (still sends with iOS4 emoji)
Carriage returns displaying in bubbles
Press (shift+enter) to start a new line in an outgoing SMS
Conversation deletion. It never worked right with imessage
But treason, Y U NO ADD iMessage sending?
- because I don't have the time or energy to reverse engineer it. Send me code sample and I'll include it.
very basic iMessage support
Mark as read on iOS5
iOS5 support
Minor bug fix
Added Start new conversation button with autocomplete
Added conversation deletion (hover over sidebar)
Added conversation download (Hover over top contact name)
Added basic iPhone Delivery support
Added URL parsing in SMS
Added text smileys to emoji ( credit @jrcdude )
Added sidebar re-ordering by date
Added new contacts creation dynamically into sidebar
Better SMS sending thanks to ( credit @johoja1 )
Fixed JSON issue
Better Number formatting
Sorting SMS by rowid instead of date
Fixed issue when starting app with no conversations
Now Showing conversations without saved contact
Fix for country codes
Removed a bunch of unneeded dependancies
JSON escape character fix
Added retries when adding to SMS.db
Add websockets for immediate notifications
Add group messaging support
Add file uploads from browser to MMS
Start new SMS conversation