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#import "QCCVCanny.h"
@implementation QCCVCanny
@dynamic inputFirstThreshold;
@dynamic inputSecondThreshold;
@dynamic inputApertureSizeIndex;
@dynamic inputImage;
@dynamic outputImage;
- (id) init {
if (self = [super init]) {
useImageIntensity = YES;
return self;
@implementation QCCVCanny (ImageProcessingExecution)
- (BOOL) executeImageProcessingWith: (id<QCPlugInContext>) context atTime: (NSTimeInterval) time withArguments: (NSDictionary*) arguments {
NSUInteger apertureSize = [QCCVPlugIn apertureSizeValueWithIndex: self.inputApertureSizeIndex];
cvCanny(inputIplImageIntensity, outputIplImageIntensity, self.inputFirstThreshold, self.inputSecondThreshold, apertureSize);
//NSLog(@"%@ %@", [QCCVPlugIn detailsWithIplImage: inputIplImageIntensity], [QCCVPlugIn detailsWithIplImage: outputIplImageIntensity]);
[QCCVPlugIn convertGRAY: outputIplImageIntensity toRGBA: outputIplImage];
self.outputImage = outputIplImageProvider;
return YES;
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