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A curation of awesome tools and projects built by Nigerian developers πŸ”₯.

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  • Adonis Auth Scaffold - Seamlessly scaffold a ready-to-use authentication system for your Adonis app with one neat command. By @creatrixity | 🏁 Inactive
  • Adonis Hexa - An opinionated software development framework for maintaining a scalable Adonis application. By @creatrixity | 🏁 Inactive
  • Adonis Queue - An addon/plugin package to provide driver-based job queueing services in AdonisJS 4.0+. By @isocroft
  • adonis-sse - An addon/plugin package to provide server-sent events functionality for AdonisJS 4.0+. By @isocroft
  • Adonis Stripe - This package makes it seamless to work with Stripe in AdonisJS 5 applications. By @ammezie
  • Alix - Alix, a Chrome extension for a11y.css. By @ireaderinokun | 🏁 Inactive
  • Altair - A sleek graphQL client app for querying GraphQL servers, like Postman for graphQL. It also comes as a Chrome extension. By @imolorhe
  • Amazon Pay v2 Ruby SDK - An SDk that makes it easy to integrate amazon pay checkout and instore v2 clients in your ruby/ruby on rails projects. By @bytenaija
  • Angular-tag - Tags input directive for AngularJS. By @theo4me | 🏁 Inactive
  • Angular2-Sails-starter-pack - A starter pack for angular2 based projects using sails backend, integrating hot reload functionalities. By @mozartted | 🏁 Inactive
  • Angular4-paystack - This is an angular module that abstracts the complexity of making paystack payments with Angular2+. By @ashinzekene
  • AnimatedCountTextView - A library that helps you animate change in numeric values in an Android TextView. By @srasheed | 🏁 Inactive
  • AppFramer - AppFramer helps to put your app screenshots in beautiful device frames with annotations by running a simple command. By @olucurious | 🏁 Inactive
  • APX - A Javafx Library for building MVC Applications. By @othreecodes | 🏁 Inactive
  • Atom Aurelia snippets - A plugin for Atom Editor to autocomplete aurelia snippets when working with Aurelia. By @unicodeveloper | 🏁 Inactive
  • Atom Material Palenight Syntax - 🍹🍩 An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Atom. By @mrolaolu | 🏁 Inactive


  • BΓ ngΓ‘JS - A CLI generator for bootstrapping ExpressJS applications and generating application layer files. By @saucecodee
  • Blackmaria - A Python package for webscraping in Natural language. By @ogbonigwe1
  • Blink Alert - A Chrome Extension for 20-20-20 exercise of the eye. By @martinsobayomi
  • Bob - SQL Query Builder for Go that can be progressively adopted from raw SQL query strings, to fully typed queries and models generated for your database. By @stephenafamo
  • Breadcrumb For Codeigniter - A Lightweight Library for generating Breadcrumb in Codeigniter. By @iamuchejude | 🏁 Inactive
  • Broad-state - Easy state manager for state values from one component to the other with useState and React Hooks in < 1KB! By @codewonders | 🏁 Inactive
  • Browsengine - Rendering Engine Detection Script for Browsers on Any Device. By @isocroft
  • Busser - A robust, opinionated, state management option for scalable and precise communication across ReactJS Components. By @isocroft
  • Button4Android - Android button selector generator. By @tdscientist
  • Buzz - Buzz transcribes audio from your computer's microphones to text using OpenAI's Whisper. By @chidiwilliams_



  • Datasist - Python library for easy data analysis, visualization, exploration and modeling. By @risingodegua
  • danfojs - Danfo.js is an open source, JavaScript library providing high performance, intuitive, and easy to use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data. By @risingodegua and @steveoni
  • DevDb - A zero-config VS Code extension that auto-loads your database and displays the data right inside VS Code. By @_damms005
  • DevOps-Toolkit - Easily and quickly setup your Cloud & DevOps development environment. By @0xGreat
  • Display Medium Posts - Display Medium Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows users display posts from on any part of their website. Available on the WordPress store. By @acekyd
  • Dockward - Port forwarding tool for Docker containers. By @abiosoft | 🏁 Inactive
  • Dot Music Player - 🎧 A light, feature-packed and very customisable material designed Android music player. By @srasheed
  • DownloadThisVideo - Twitter bot for easily downloading videos/GIFs off tweets. By @theshalvah | 🏁 Archived
  • Dropd - Zero-dependency minimalistic dropdown component for React and Vue. By @mrolaolu
  • dumb_password_rails - Rails Password Validator. Validate your user passwords and prevent them from using vulnerable passwords. By @arinzeokeke | 🏁 Inactive
  • DuplicateContactsRemover - πŸ“’A simple app to optimize your address book and remove duplicate contacts. By @srasheed


  • Early Access - This package makes it easy to add early access mode to your existing application. By @neoighodaro
  • esgit β€” easy-git - CLI package with simplified aliases for git commands. By Dillion Megida
  • Essential Kit - A Boilerplate for NodeJS with all the essential tools. By @ichtrojan | 🏁 Inactive
  • eth-vue - A Vue.js boilerplate for Ethereum Apps, built on Truffle. Authentication functionalities included. By @DOkwufulueze
  • expo-push-notification-helper - This library makes it easy to use push notification in react native using expo. By @just1and0
  • ExpressWebJs - ExpressWebJs is a NodeJS FrameWork with expressive and organised syntax that runs on all major operating systems. It provides the starting point for creating your node project, allowing you to focus more on developing your amazing solution. By @EmekaIgbokwe


  • Face-detector - An application containing all the code from the article on the FaceDetector API. By @moyheen | 🏁 Inactive
  • - a library for generating Nigerian fake data such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. By @binkabir | 🏁 Inactive
  • Fastapi-mongo - Template for building FastAPI applications with MongoDB. By @kvng_zeez
  • Favico-generator - A npm module for generating favicons from image. By @kvng_zeez | 🏁 Inactive
  • Fawn - A library for multi-document transactions in MongoDB via two-phase commits. By @e-oj
  • flair - AdonisJS 5 authentication scaffolding. By @ammezie
  • flargd - A fast & minimalist feature flag app that runs on Clouflare Workers. By @p_mbanugo
  • folabelle - A VSCode theme - Cross breed of Monokai + Palenight By @Bolaji___ | 🏁 Inactive
  • FormHack - A hackable css form reset. By @ireaderinokun
  • Frontend-app-starter - A simple frontend app starter packed with Webpack, Twitter Bootstrap, and well-defined CSS media queries. Edit. By @D-sense | 🏁 Inactive



  • H.php - The Minimalist PHP Framework! By @devhammed | 🏁 Deleted
  • helpers - Super-handy JavaScript utility functions for front-end development. By @mrolaolu
  • HUI.js - Lightweight JavaScript UI Library. By @devhammed | 🏁 Inactive


  • Icicle - An annotation based tool for saving and restoring instance states. By @segunfamisa | 🏁 Inactive
  • IGdm - Multi-platform Desktop application for INSTAGRAM DMs. By @ifedapolarewaju
  • Ijeawele - A Browser Extension that displays a random suggestion from the Dear Ijeawele book by Chimamanda Adichie. By @viclotana | 🏁 Inactive
  • ImageAI - A python library built to empower developers to build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities. By @OlafenwaMoses
  • ImageQ - Reverse Image search engine powered by Django and Keras. By @_deven96 and @mensaah
  • ImgR - ImgR.NET aims at automating the process of serving Images dynamically based on the client device. By @mykeels | 🏁 Inactive
  • Inlinetweetjs - InlineTweet.js allows you to easily create tweetable links out of any text on a webpage. By @ireaderinokun | 🏁 Inactive
  • IntentManip - Gives more control over implicit intents creation and the way it is presented to users. By @Kingsmentor | 🏁 Inactive
  • Instaword - InstaWord is a Chrome and Opera browser plugin that makes learning new words much easier. By @acekyd | 🏁 Inactive
  • ip-num - ip-num is a TypeScript library for working with IP Resources(ASN, IPV4, IPV6). By @dadepo
  • iShell - Library for creating interactive CLI applications with Go. By @abiosoft
  • inspireNuggets - inspireNuggets is a Chrome Browser (Web) Extension that displays random inspiring techie quotes for developers/designers. By @iambolajiayo



  • Kanary - A minimalistπŸ”¬ Kotlin web framework for buildingπŸ”©βš™ scalableπŸ“ˆ and expressive🎨 RESTful APIs. By @IyanuAdelekan
  • Keygen - A fluent PHP random key generator. By @gladchinda | 🏁 Inactive
  • KhaledBot - Delivering Major Keys to your Slack Team. By @ireaderinokun | 🏁 Inactive
  • koii - A simple middleware to display routes in an express application. By @Bolaji___






  • P-integrate - This is a demo app that guides Android developers on how to integrate any of several popular payment platforms into their apps. By @taslimOseni | 🏁 Inactive
  • PackageHub - An extension for displaying dependencies for many package managers on GitHub. By @BrainMaestro | 🏁 Inactive
  • PageCarton - PageCarton - a fully functional software suite and framework + CMS tool for anyone to build a secure web site and app easily. By @AyoolaFalola
  • Paystack wrapper - Nodejs API wrapper for Paystack. By @kehers | 🏁 Inactive
  • Paystack Ruby - Ruby Gem for Paystack. By @IkoroVictor
  • Pentecost - Payment Android UI Library for PayStack. By @knightbenax
  • Piggment - A curated collection of amazingly colored gradients for designers, developers and art makers over the world. By @codewonders
  • Plugman - A Postman like socket testing application. By @ayotycoon
  • Product-Tour - A responsive tour snippet, with a step-by-step guide(onboarding). By @robophil_ | 🏁 Inactive
  • PyDialogflow Fulfillment - This library makes creating fulfillment for Dialogflow v2 agents easily with Python Backend. ( By @emmarex
  • PyFCM - Python client for FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging (Android & iOS). By @olucurious
  • Pymvrd - Motor Vehicle Registration Information Search Portal Library for python. By @othreecodes | 🏁 Inactive


  • Quicksi CLI - A command-line bot tool that contains reuseable templates in different languages, frameworks and libraries designed to make it easy for developers to start projects without having to worry about the setup. By @AnayoOleru



  • saido - A yaml driven tool for easily monitoring metrics on multiple servers By @bisohns
  • sailboat - Sailboat is a VS Code extension that enhances the Sails.js development experience by providing Visual Studio Code users with advanced features such as Commands to quicly access the Sails docs, Jump to Action, and Commands to lift Sails. **By @Dominus_Kelvin
  • sails-hook-jsonwebtoken - A sails hook for easily working with jsonwebtoken By @robophil_ | 🏁 Inactive
  • sails-hook-swagger-generator - A tool to help generate Swagger specification documentation for Sails APIs By @theo4me
  • ShelfView - Android Library to display books on shelf By @tdscientist | 🏁 Inactive
  • Shutdown - A lightweight android library that handles the closing of your app interactively. By @emmakoko96
  • Signalum - A Linux Library to explore creating an application that detects available connections at once from WiFi and Bluetooth. By @_deven96 and @mensaah | 🏁 Inactive
  • Signalum Desktop - A Desktop application for the signalum python library. By @_deven96 and @mensaah | 🏁 Inactive
  • Simple-DB - Get your Android app's SQLite database set up in five minutes! By @theshalvah | 🏁 Inactive
  • Slackword - Dictionary in your slack....additionally, you can get random words. By @_larikraun | 🏁 Inactive
  • SlidingSquaresLoader - A simple progress loader. By @biodunalfet | 🏁 Inactive
  • SlidingUpMenu - πŸš€A very customizable Android library that allows you to present menu items (from menu resource and/or other sources) to users as a bottom sheet. By @srasheed
  • Support-ticket - A support ticket application in Laravel. By @ammezie | 🏁 Inactive
  • Slideview - An awesome sliding button library for Android. By @kizitonwose | 🏁 Inactive
  • stacks - A tool for setting up your stack quickly for Local development, on-prem and Bare metal servers. By @nerdeveloper
  • Stargazer - Get notified when someone stars or "unstars" your OSS project. By @kafLamed
  • status-modal - A react component that you can use to render current error or success messages from a particular API endpoint. By @kafLamed
  • Stickynotes - A functional note taking web application with alluring user interface. By @Kolaposki
  • StudyLog - A tiny web application for Logging streaks and events. By @codehakase | 🏁 Inactive
  • STX - C++17 & C++ 20 error-handling an utility. By @basit_ayantunde
  • Suet - Detailed analytics and reporting for your transactional Mailgun emails. By @kehers | 🏁 Inactive
  • Suphle - A PHP framework for building logic heavy full stack applications to be actively maintained over time. **by Nmeri
  • Search Engine Parser - Lightweight package to query popular search engines and scrape for result titles, links and descriptions. By @_deven96 and @iamMensaah
  • sms-nigeria-go - A Go client for sending SMS to any Nigeria phone-number with ease. By @D-sense | 🏁 Inactive
  • StartEase Cli - StartEase is a command-line interface (CLI) tool designed to make project setup a breeze. Whether you're working with your favorite technologies or exploring new ones, StartEase is your companion for quickly and effortlessly scaffolding projects. By @jc_coder1



  • Unitcss - A cli tool to convert css units in your file, helps you swiftly convert units / mesurements in your file or folder. By @codewonders
  • URISanity - sanitize uris in web and web-like applications with confidence. By @isocroft
  • Urley - A cross-platform library with a collection of handy utilities to work with URLs. By @codewonders
  • UseFormBee - useFormBee is a lightweight library that helps me manage and abstract react form logic. By @Eazybee
  • use-global-hook - Painless global state management for React using Hooks and Context API in 1KB! By @devhammed
  • use-cookie - Get, Set, Update and Delete Cookie using React Hooks. By @devhammed





  • Yorlang - A programming language with Yoruba language construct. By @anoniscoding | 🏁 Inactive


  • zag - Finite state machines for building accessible design systems and UI components. By @thesegunadebayo


Here is a curation of awesome tools built by Nigerians that can be used by anybody and from anywhere in the world.







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